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What Are This Weekend's Best 'Movie Values?' July 22-24


Boise Weekly loves the movies. But we’re also concerned about runaway prices at the box office.

While a select few movies are great at any price, this new weekly online series—"What Are This Weekend's Best Movie Values?"—will instead weigh each week’s selection of films at Treasure Valley cinemas with extra consideration for how much audiences have to shell out for a ticket (let alone the snack bar).

Currently, moviegoers are paying $11-$12 per ticket for a first-run movie (and much more for a 3-D movie) at a major cineplex, a couple of dollars less at The Flicks in Boise and significantly less at discount/second-run theaters.

With that in mind, this alternative rating system will score each film based on: No. 1, its quality and No. 2, its admission price.

Here are this week’s movie-value rankings. An asterisk (*) indicates the film received bonus points because the price of admission is not sky-high (i.e. they're screening at a discount theater).

  1. The Jungle Book *
    2. Zootopia *
    3. Love and Friendship *
    4. Maggie's Plan *
    5. Me Before You *

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