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What About BoB?


Best of Boise voting is currently underway to determine the best of just about everything in the City of Trees for 2012 (which, if you got a little too carried away with last week's Apocalypse Issue, may be our last year to vote before the world ends).

As many of you know, this year we're using a new voting system thanks to the guys at Urban Chalk. One reason for the switch is to enable you to vote quickly and easily for a business from your smartphone while you're actually at the business--be it a restaurant, an outdoor retailer or a downtown boutique. You'll see QR codes scattered all over the city urging you to vote for Best of Boise. Scan the QR code you see at Bacon, for example, and you'll automatically log a vote for Bacon as Best Brunch.

The QR code isn't the only way to vote, of course. You can also settle into a chair at your favorite coffee shop and vote from your laptop while you sip on a steaming hot double Americano. Or crack a beer, kick your feet up on the ottoman at home and log on to boiseweekly.com, where you'll find a link to the online ballot to peruse at your leisure.

Another reason we switched to the Urban Chalk platform is to allow business owners more control over how they compete in Best of Boise. If you haven't already, log on to Urban Chalk and claim your business. Be sure the contact info is correct, upload any photo you want, and select which categories of Best of Boise you'd like to compete in.

If you don't see your business, or you are a voter and don't see a business listed that you'd like to vote for, you can write it in. An administrator has to approve your addition, and it may take a little while for your addition to go live.

And, of course, if you have any questions or issues, send us an email, leave a comment on this column online, Facebook us, call us ... whatever. Just let us know how we can help.