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We've been waiting a long time for this issue...


We've been waiting a long time for this issue. For months, we've been holding some beautiful photographs by Eric Zamora, and now we get to show them off. Because the Boise Weekly normally runs in black and white, we typically don't put a big emphasis on color photography. So when we had a chance to run Zamora's photographs of the Boulder-White Cloud mountains in full color, we jumped at it.

To many of us in Boise, summer means mountains. These photographs should tell you all that, and more.

We also have links to these photos online, which brings me to my next point: Our Web site, www.boiseweekly.com, is worth checking out every day. I know, our title says "weekly," but we're just as obsessive about the Web's latest as the next wi-fi-addicted caffeine junkie, so we ginned up our own special ingredient for just that purpose. We call it the "BW Beat," and it's where we occasionally scoop everyone on breaking news, as well as arts and entertainment bulletins you won't find anywhere else. Bookmark away.

--Shea Andersen