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Westward Coffee & Supply Brings More Craft Joe to Downtown Boise


Mother-daughter duo Jessye White and Nicole Powell almost couldn't find a place micro enough for their coffee shop, Westward Coffee & Supply.

"We wanted tiny," said White.

The pickings were so slim, they said, they bought a 5-foot-long coffee bar hitched to a bike trailer, which they stow behind their current digs at 850 W. Main St. in downtown Boise, which they share with real estate company Tiger Prop.

Westward keeps things simple. Its no-fuss menu consists of light-, medium- and dark-roast Doma coffee pourovers; cold-brew coffee; and staple espresso drinks like lattes, macchiatos and mochas—the latter with homemade whipped cream and in-house ground chocolate. There's also bread for toast from Gaston's and Big Wood bakeries. 

The coffee shop opened June 1 about three months after fellow craft coffee purveyor Slow By Slow opened in BoDo. Westward will eventually follow a similar model of rotating in beans from local coffee roasters but, unlike Slow By Slow, Powell and White said they will primarily serve Doma coffees. For them, it's another step toward Boise joining much larger western cities like San Francisco and Seattle in the so-called third-wave coffee movement.

"I think there's this renaissance of coffee culture here," Powell said.