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Western Aerial

May 12, Neurolux


Are there really that many more bands out there in the world or is it just easy access (Internet, cable TV) to them and their music that makes it seem that way? Whatever the case, with so much music, when it comes to good ol' rock and roll, it's impossible to dilute the rock pool. That can be good, in that it forces a new genre or two to rise to the surface. But, that dilution can also be bad, in that some rock gets so watered down, it's not even a sub-genre of rock any more. It becomes easy-listening (shudder). The music of Western Aerial is not so. It's rock on the rocks with a splash of rock served up in a tall glass of rock.

Portland-based Western Aerial is mohawked Geoff Metts on guitar and vocals, Anthony Tripp on drums and Jimmy Richards on bass. Together just over two years, the rock trio has put out two full-length albums--their 2004 debut release, Western Aerial, and 2006's Want It All--and has enjoyed some Northwest notoriety along the way--playing festivals, garnering some good press, and opening for the likes of Seether, Alice in Chains, Everclear and the Supersuckers. This Saturday will be WA's fifth visit to Boise and, Metts said, the band is "planning to record live in Boise that night. The live tracks (all recorded in the Northwest) will become our third full-length album and will tentatively be released in September 2007."

If you're in need of a big dose of rock, head to Neurolux on Saturday and get your fill with Western Aerial.

--Amy Atkins

Western Aerial, Saturday, May 12, $3, 9 p.m. Neurolux, 111 N. 11th St., 208-343-0886.