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West Coast Berry Vodkas


Fresh berries are one of summer's luxuries. From dewy red raspberries to indigo-hued blueberries to sunbaked blackberries, there's nothing quite like a handful of berries, eaten fresh or baked into a pie. To celebrate this summer indulgence, we sampled three berry-infused vodkas from around the West Coast.

Hangar 1 Maine Wild Blueberry, $29.95

Hangar 1's Maine Wild Blueberry vodka is "infused with real fruit," though you wouldn't be able to tell from its clear color. Sweet blueberry yogurt and candy dominate the nose, which does nothing to prepare you for the moonshine-y burn that comes through on the palate. As one taster said, "It tastes like something dyed fake blue."

Wild Roots Marionberry-Infused Vodka, $32.95

Made in Hillsboro, Ore., each bottle of Wild Roots is infused with more than a pound of Northwest-grown fruit. The company's deep purple, marionberry-infused vodka is a testament to its dedication to quality. Wine-like aromas typify the nose and the pleasantly tart, jammy palate is filled with fresh fruit and a healthy amount of sugar. Try it with vanilla ice cream or a spritz of sparkling rose at brunch.

Whidbey Island Distillery Blackberry Liqueur, $37.45

Located on Washington's Whidbey Island, Whidbey Island Distillery launched in 2011 with a loganberry liqueur before expanding into raspberry and blackberry flavors. Though this was weakest of the three, clocking in at 23 percent alcohol by volume, the nose had a harsh, medicinal quality. Sweetness dominated the palate. Though one taster suggested you could pour it over pancakes, another compared it to "berry-flavored cough syrup."