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We're Still Here


It's been a year since Boise police found Todd Hagnas sitting on the front porch of his burning home, a lighter, cell phone and beer in hand, telling them they should look for bodies.

Now, neighbors are marking the first anniversary of the grisly double murder with a block party to celebrate surviving the controversy, to remember the victims, and maybe, just to show the community that they aren't all crazy.

The public is invited to the April 26 event, which resident Chuck Newton said will include a barbecue and music—although it is a neighborhood-oriented event.

"[It's about] how everybody is a year after," he said.

Hagnas was convicted of the murders of roommates Jeffrey Willett and Jody Collingsworth. He buried their bodies in the back yard and crawl space of the rented home. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Newton said it's only been recently that the owner of the home has started to repair it after the fire and subsequent investigation.