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Welcome to Meridian

Just the Facts


The Meridian Speedway has hosted racing every summer since 1951, with race seasons running from April through September.

Once upon a time, it felt like a major haul to get between Meridian and Boise, but now, the two cities are fused. Meridian's dairy-heavy history has given way to the tsunami of population growth, and fields and feedlots have been paved over and replaced with developments.

Meridian boasts a family friendly nature and there are plenty of families to show for it. The Meridian School District is the largest in the state and it's hard to turn around without running into a swing set.

Meridian's downtown core is in the middle of a major overhaul as crews tear up the town's two main streets to create a one-way thoroughfare. Major retail developments at Eagle Road and Fairview Avenue have turned what was once a four-way stop into the busiest intersection around--not unlike the transformation the rest of the town has undergone.

By the Numbers

Population (2011 estimate) : 76, 750

Population growth (April 1, 2010-July 1, 2011) : 2.2 %

Square miles of land area (2010) : 26.79

Language other than English spoken at home : 6.1 %

High-school graduate or higher : 94.5 %

Bachelor's degree or higher : 33.4 %

Mean travel to work (minutes) : 21.8

Housing units (2010) : 26,674

Homeownership rate (2007-2011) : 76.3 %

Median value of owner-occupied housing units : $208,200

Median household income :$63,388

Persons below the poverty line : 5.9 %

Data from U.S. Census Bureau