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Note: Welcome to BW.2010


At BWHQ this time last year, we were revamping boiseweekly.com, contemplating the great Best of Boise divide and plotting to overthrow our old layout in favor of a new design.

So what's shaping up in the next 12 months of Boise Weekly's future? Plenty of work, that's for sure. Every time I glance over the planning calendar outlining my long-term projects this year, I start to break out in a nervous sweat. During the first few months of this year, we'll embark on a number of firsts in the city guide department and then we'll reinvent a few that have been around a while. I can't give away too much just yet, but I'll leave you with one hint: an annual manual. AKA, your guide to absolutely everything in Boise.

This week, we start the year off with Fiction 101, our annual short-short-story contest that's become one of the most popular things we do at Boise Weekly. Every fall, we ask readers to throw down their most compelling, disgusting, entertaining, brow-raising stories composed of exactly 101 words, and we dig through the deluge of responses for the very best and publish them in the first issue of each year. Sure, we could start off the New Year swinging with some hard-hitting piece of in-depth news in our main feature section or we could start off with a passel of predictions about what the New Year holds in any number of arenas. But starting every year with Fiction 101 is not simply tradition, it's a way for us to pay an offering to our readers before the next 51 issues. It's a way for us to turn over pages to those who support us week after week year round.

At boiseweekly.com, we're also starting something new and a little unusual with the start of the new year. Creating and fostering community dialogue is an important part of our mission at Boise Weekly, and one of the most important ways we can accomplish that is by printing letters to the editor and guest opinions. Lately, the paper's physical page count has been slim and we've nixed reader opinions in favor of event coverage. That hasn't been sitting right with me. You'll notice an abbreviated Mail section in this week's pages, but in order to more fully represent readers' voices at Boise Weekly, we'll be implementing extensive online publication of letters and guest opinions. Visit "Opinion" at boiseweekly.com.