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Welcome to Canyon County

BW gears up to explore the wilds of 2C


In the grand geologic scope, the Treasure Valley really isn't that big. Even compared to other metropolitan areas, everything in the valley is just a hop, skip or quick freeway trip away.

It's no Phoenix, San Francisco or even Portland, Ore., yet Canyon County can seem as exotic to some Boise residents as the farthest reaches of Antarctica. Just ask any North End resident if he or she wants to head to Nampa for dinner and a concert, and you're as likely to face a questioning stare as get a groan of "I don't want to go all the way out there!"

But we at Boise Weekly are here to shake Boise residents out of their Ada County ruts and remind everyone that there are some damned good reasons to head west. It's a little something we like to call our Guide to 2C, and here you'll get updates on what's going on in Canyon County--from the burgeoning music and arts scene to what's happening with development downtown, conservation at Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge and where you can get some of the valley's most cutting edge food.

Now, bust out your maps, fuel up your cars and head west. It's time to explore.

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