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Welcome to Brew Times

As the nation has experienced a craft beer renaissance, so too has the Gem State.


Contrary to frequent quotation, Benjamin Franklin never said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and that He wants us to be happy." While the authorship of that famous phrase is in doubt, its essential truth is not. Just look at Boise: It's getting to be a hoppier (and therefore happier) place all the time.

As the nation has experienced a craft beer renaissance, so too has the Gem State. Boise, in particular, has in recent years developed a robust beer scene, with more than a dozen established breweries and new ones opening their doors all the time.

Considering the increasingly important part beer and brewing play in Boise culture and economics, it seemed like a glaring mistake no one had stepped in to create a beer-centric publication focused on the local industry. Enter: Brew Times, our inaugural beer magazine.

Inside you'll find an examination of trends in the craft beer world and a profile of a unique Idaho hop that's earning a revered place among brewers nationwide. We also dig into the antiquated tax structures that affect small brewers and some of the efforts underway to reform the system. Find a photo essay on the fresh hop harvest and, finally, a month-long calendar of beer-related events.

It's our first time out of the gate with Brew Times, so expect to see changes to the format and content as we refine the publication. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions. For now, though, we'll raise a glass and toast our local brewers and beer retailers for keeping us happy (and definitely not thirsty).