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Welcome Back Kids


School is back in session and you know what that means: Par-tay!

Hm, it might also mean: Time to show off your DUI charge you picked up before school started. We imagine the show-and-tell that might occur in the student hangout spots—What I Did With My Summer Vacation: Get Busted.

So when Boise Police officers received a call last weekend about rowdy partying, they may as well have taken a paddy wagon for the haul they took in. Some time in the wee hours of Friday night, officers received some calls complaining of rowdy partying in a neighborhood of the Boise Bench.

Off went neighborhood patrol officers, and lo, there was some busting.

"It looks like they found a couple of big parties," said Lynn Hightower, spokeswoman for the Boise Police Department.

Elder readers of True Crime, you may recall the drill: There you are, angling toward that keg of Busch Lite in the corner, when the frantic calls from the front of the house come in. Yep, the cops are here, and the party is about to be very much over. We suspect that it is practically a rite of passage to find yourself high-stepping it through the neighborhood shrubbery in an attempt to flee officers bearing DUI charges and high-wattage search lights.

We also suspect that about 45 minors now have a new rite of passage: Their first misdemeanor Minor In Possession citation. Yep, it was paydirt for BPD that night.

Many of the fresh young faces appearing in the rap sheets got calls to parents. If you're under 18, the folks are going to get that late night call you wish they would miss: the cops, explaining the situation.

At which point, we are reminded of the unfortunate reality of life here in chaste Idaho. Boise curfew law reads that anyone under 18 out after midnight must be accompanied by an adult. The exception, of course is juveniles headed home from work or school activities. So now, kiddo, it's your mission to create a better story. That raging kegger you attended was really just a ... why, a school function, yeah, that's it.

Curfew violation is a misdemeanor under Boise City Code. Penalties may include a warning and release, to a summons to appear in juvenile court, depending on the history the individual has with the juvenile justice system.

For so many, that history has just begun. Welcome, we say, to The System. It's not as cool as the Matrix, and no red or blue pills are required. Unless they're Advil, that is.