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Weird Al is No Novelty Act

Tuesday, Aug. 21 at Expo Idaho


"Weird Al" Yankovic is frequently passed off as a novelty artist. And while it's true that his comedic parodies carry novelty elements, what's generally overlooked is how talented the man is with everything from a clever turn of phrase, to truly ripping accordion solos to the ability to expertly execute difficult vocals across different styles of music.

It's also rarely acknowledged that many of his best songs are originals. Some like "You Make Me," are written in the style of a band or artist he admires, and others like "Stuck in a Closet With Vanna White," "This is the Life" or "I'll be Mellow When I'm Dead" are just killer original tunes.

And then there's the unmatched precision of his live show--a tightly staged tour de force of costume changes, video projections, comedy skits, choreographed dance routines and top-notch musicianship. To see Weird Al live and pass it off as nothing more than a novelty act requires Herculean effort.

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