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Week in Review: Odd-Ballers

The outsiders shimmied into the spotlight


Last week the outsiders shimmied into the spotlight. Things fired up on March 7 with Los Angeles glam folksters He's My Brother, She's My Sister. The quirky quintet, helmed by sibling harmonizers Rachel and Robert Kolar, looked as if they had rummaged through a costume chest from their childhood attic. Rachel swaggered out in a floor-length sequined gown and rattled a tambourine with the folk prowess of Stevie Nicks. Robert tipped his bowler hat and belted out blues-tinged tracks with the confidence of a ring leader. And the offbeat energy radiated out across the stage--Oliver Newell plucked a bright teal stand-up bass tricked out with dolphins, while the muscled Aaron Robinson played lap slide and percussionist Lauren Brown tap danced in a baby doll dress and pounded on two floor toms. The band wrapped it up its eclectic set with an energetic encore of the Velvet Underground's "What Goes On."

Another outsider who made it into the mainstream this week is artist Raymond Pettibon, known for his off-color illustrations that adorned band posters and album covers in the 1980s Los Angeles punk scene. Boise State's Visual Arts Center showcased a collection of Pettibon's work, mostly focusing on the disturbing death- and boob-filled zine illustrations he did for his brother's band, Black Flag. At the opening reception on March 9, former Idaho Arts Quarterly editor Katy Dang DJ'd a punk rock set from her vinyl collection. You can read a full review of the exhibition by Chris Schnoor in next week's Boise Weekly.

And speaking of moving from the fringes to the mainstream, the Food Truck Rally finally reached its tipping point on March 9. Through a confluence of factors like great weather, lots of hype and a sweet location--an empty lot at Fourth and Grove streets--the rally more than hit capacity. Chaotic lines of hungry and thirsty rally-goers snaked around the field hoping to get their hands on some hot grub. After elbowing past the throngs for a Payette brew, I decided to join the Food Truck Rally defectors who had gathered at the much cheaper Azteca taco truck parked, as usual, at the corner of Sixth and Grove.

Other frustrated attendees also sought out other options.

"We went and then left without food... BUT, since the Boise Fry Company truck looked so yummy, we visited the store," wrote Kevin Rank on the Food Truck Rally's Facebook page. "It was cool to see how great of a turnout there was, even if we didn't get to eat."

And speaking of a great turnout, Story Story Night's naughty offshoot, Story Story Late Night debuted on March 12 to a completely packed house at Visual Arts Collective. Host Emma Arnold kicked off the Naked-themed night with a disturbing tale of tending to a lecherous man and his foreskin while working as a nurse. From there, the innocent gloves were off; expletives flew as audience members recounted tales of adultery, girl-on-girl hot tub action and penis sketch books.

Don't miss the next Story Story Late Night on Monday, May 14, on Crime Stories hosted by BW's Josh Gross.