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April 3, Neurolux


Dixie Dave Collins might look like a Duck Dynasty extra, but under the well-worn ball cap and scraggly beard is the talented frontman and bassist for legendary metal band Weedeater. Collins formed the Wilmington, N.C.-born trio from the primordial sludge of disbanded Buzzov*en, and with its 2001 debut, ...And Justice for Y'all (re-released on Season of Mist, 2014) the stoner-doom-weed metal Weedeater became known for delivering melodic yet punishing, fuzzed-out riffs both on the stage and in the studio. Collins' low, husky voice rings with the dichotomy of the South: when speaking, his honeyed N.C. accent is inviting and interesting but when he sings, Collins' guttural vocalizations reverberate with something far more sinister—it all makes for strangely enchanting, visceral music.

Weedeater recently reissued all four of their previously out-of-print full-length albums on Season of Mist, which is scheduled to release Weedeater's new release, Goliathan, on Tuesday, May 19. Stream "Cain Enabler" from Goliathan at