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Wee Criminal on Loose, Possibly in Search of Food


An inmate at the Idaho Correctional Institution in Orofino is on the lam after walking away from a work crew. Christopher Critchfield, 32, was serving time on drug and weapons charges, when the crew supervisor noted his absence on a routine check of the crew. Critchfield may be hard for police to spot, as his 6-foot, 160-pound frame may easily be mistaken for a broom, mop or feather duster. However, since Critchfield is bald, citizens are also advised to call police if they see a giant matchstick running across Northern Idaho-particularly during fire season.

Critchfield was last seen in blue jeans and a red shirt with a logo reading "Idaho Department of Correction Work Projects." If he has any sense, he has changed at least one of those garments.