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We'd Like To Thank The Academy...


The Governor's Awards were loads of fun on Saturday night. Boise Weekly was in very prestigious company as one of the recipients this year (we received an award for Support for the Arts). The medallion is really heavy and cool. I appreciate all of those who have been supportive and helped Boise Weekly over the last five years. We will continue to work toward publishing a great newspaper. I rushed back from a web publishing conference in San Francisco so as to not miss the ceremony. Unfortunately, I missed half of the conference, which was really informative and reminded me how little I know and how much I have to learn.

Recently, I also heard some people on the Internet got riled up from my rant last week, which is always uplifting. I love anonymous people who love to hate Boise Weekly and I am so glad they are such avid readers. At least I know someone out there is worried about my midlife crisis. Thank you for your concern. I was hoping to get your attention. I suppose ranting publicly is not as cool as ranting anonymously. Oh, well. Please forgive me for my digression.