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We Were Giants

Revolution Concert House, Saturday, Dec. 1


Boise-based metal band We Were Giants is more than meets the ear. While a group with designated singers for "scream vocals" and "clean vocals" might be automatically dismissed as another rage project, We Were Giants' songs are infused with careful meaning. In an interview with Electric Music Magazine, vocalist Blake Davis said that "The Final Encounter," a song off the band's debut album, The Declaration (self-released, 2018), is a response to his struggles with the effects of sociopathic behavior, and the album as a whole chronicles "the light and the dark coming together to fight against a greater threat," pushing back against manipulation. Taking its positive messages a step farther, We Were Giants will perform in Garden City on Saturday, Dec. 1, at the first-annual Charity Breakdown Ball to raise funds for Be The Match, an organization that conducts bone marrow transplant research. Plus, admission to the show is free with a toy donation to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation—a feel-good start to the holidays if ever there was one.

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