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We need Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Our immigration system is broken. Employers have a high demand for immigrant workers, but our current immigration system does not allow for a manageable way for workers to enter the country in a safe and legal way.

The result is that many members of our communities must live in fear of their future, are vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers and have no way to change their status.

As we read, someone (probably) is getting raped in front of her husband and her 12-year-old kid. What if this was one of your family members?

Yes, we have very bad immigration laws that harm good people. And the real solution to this problem is to pass comprehensive reform to fix the laws and the immigration system so we can have a more just system for all immigrants.

The action that Congress should take to fix this problem is to pass a bipartisan legislation like the "Secure American and Orderly Immigration Act of 2005," introduced by Senators McCain and Kennedy.

We all deserve a better future, a better education and a better life. Because at the end, we are all human beings. Immigration is an American experience. Acceptance is an American value.