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Washington State Man Goes On Bulldozer Rampage

Barry Alan Swegle of Port Angeles drove his bulldozer into four houses, pushing one off its foundations, following a long-running dispute with neighbors over a property line


A long-running neighborhood dispute over a property line came to a head on Friday when a man went on a rampage with a bulldozer.

Barry Alan Swegle of Port Angeles in Washington “went nuts,” according to neighbors.

The 51-year-old drove his bulldozer into four homes, knocking one of its foundations.

He also damaged vehicles, boats and a power pole during his rage, leaving thousands of people without electricity.

The “highly agitated” Swegle was arrested and police are investigating the incident.

“It was like a war zone,” said Keith Haynes, one of Swegle's neighbor, to the Peninsula Daily News. He “just went nuts.”

“He took a skidder and took out two houses. I mean demolished.”

An elderly woman was in one of the houses damaged by Swegle, but she luckily escaped injury.

“Of course she was scared,” her grandson Jesse Major was quoted by the Seattle Times as saying.

“Something was being pushed into her house.”