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Washed Out Comes to Boise-Landia

Friday, Sept. 21, at Reef


If you feel a sense of intense calm settle over Sixth and Main streets around 10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 21, don't worry, you aren't having a stroke. That's just the chill vibes emanating off of the stage at Reef from Georgia electronic artist Washed Out.

Within and Without, Washed Out's latest album, weaves layers of sound until they blur together like a dreamscape. The songs are soft and luscious, with dance beats subtly pulsing beneath and melodies as gentle as a summer breeze.

Ernest Greene, the lad behind Washed Out, cites hip-hop as a primary influence, but the tunes he cranks out are so inviting, he could just as easily cite clean sheets or Peter Pan's happy thoughts.

Greene started Washed Out as a bedroom project while looking for a job after college. Then it blew up online and he signed with Sub Pop. Now he's bringing the Chillwave gospel to Boise.

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