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Washed Away

Recent rains have washed away $10,000 in road repairs completed last year around Horsethief Reservoir, according to Fish and Game utility craftsman Dennis Hardy.

"The west side road is in rough shape," Hardy said.

He suggests that people keep it slow and that, "We'll be grading the road as soon as it dries out, which won't be until after the holiday."

While Horsethiff attracts quite a few anglers, it is the recreational vehicle users who have officials worried.

"Folks using ATVs or motorcycles should be aware that these machines are restricted to improved roads at Horsethief, and may only be used to enter and exit the site, and that all applicable state laws apply, including helmet laws for younger riders and registration stickers," Hardy said. "And with all the private land surrounding Horsethief changing hands recently, riders are responsible to know where they are riding to avoid trespass charges."