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In lieu of not being able to play with dolls since I'm (A) male, and (B) a grownup, I sometimes like to pretend that older movies are the parents of newer movies coming out. Hence, this little demonstration: non-gendered parent No. 1: The Matrix. Non-gendered parent No. 2: The Bourne Identity. They mate, or whatever. And their progeny? Wanted.

Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy, Atonement) spends his boring life in an office cubicle. But picking up his panic attack medication one day, he finds himself in the middle of an assassin's shootout and is recruited to join a group of righteous killers. Reluctant to sign on, Wesley's mission becomes finding the man who murdered the father he never knew in cold blood.

OK, so the whole "join our group fighting for the moral right, and a bunch of us have superhuman attributes?" That's very Matrix. The "I know how to kill with deadly acumen, but I'm not sure how I learned it?" Bourne all the way. However, the whiney little brat that Wesley becomes in the first half of the movie is all Wanted.

This film's fun. It's got action and pretty amazing stunts. Although I'm a fan of McAvoy's, he may not have been the ideal choice for his role. A slinky Angelina Jolie as a fellow assassin and a stately Morgan Freeman as the organization's head are both nice fits, however.

Wanted is mostly mindless action, so don't expect epiphany. But for fans of this film's "parents," feel free to enjoy the ride.

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