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Wanted: International TV Wannabes


It is starting to look like reality television will never go away. The OPTIX is not only a new high-tech club in London, it is also the set for an international online TV program where the stars can be anybody who walks in the front door. Judy Horsham, Media Director of OPTIX, says, "We want you and your friends to come to London and be on our show." The casting call goes out to those who would like to appear as musicians, bar staff or as patrons just coming in for a drink. Scripted story lines will be performed and broadcast in live-action across the globe to make ensure the audience remains entertained.

OPTIX could create a new batch of reality TV stars with their innovative idea, or maybe it would just add to the already full trash can of reality programming. Either way, if you want to be involved, OPTIX also extends their recruitment to aspiring directors, producers, techies and writers. To apply for any of these positions or to become one of the actors on the show, log onto: and upload your CV to their online database. Vote for other hopefuls and check out the digs on all the different positions available.