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Wand Woman Wands for Harry Potter's Birthday

$25-$325, RePop Gifts


  • Harrison Berry

The Harry Potter franchise is very possibly the moral compass of an entire generation. J.K. Rowling's classic series about "the boy who lived" has taught more people about the real virtues of friendship, loyalty and humility than most media, making it a family friendly phenomenon that its first generation of readers is now passing on to its children. On Wednesday, July 31, the titular character will celebrate his birthday, and in his honor, we present Wand Woman's wands. A Boise native, Rachelle Cunningham is a wandmaker who makes handmade instruments of the magical arts. Her creations are made out of a variety of woods like acacia, alder, maple, sumac and many more, and come in common nad rare varieties. Pick one up on her website or at RePop gifts, and celebrate Harry's birthday in style.

—Harrison Berry or RePop Gifts, $25-$325