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Just when you thought Disney Pixar (Toy Story, Finding Nemo) cartoons couldn't get any cuter, Wall-E's here to change your mind.

In the distant future, Earth has been ruined by a mega-corporation that's dumped trash over the entire planet. While the human race lounges through space in a giant cruising starship, robots are left to mop up the mess. The last remaining robot is Wall-E, an eccentric little trash compactor on wheels who loves to collect trinkets. One day, a new, ultra-modern robot arrives from space, drastically changing Wall-E's routine and taking him on a wild interstellar adventure.

This film is a rare blend in which both parents and children will enjoy the content. Somehow, Disney consistently manages to conjure new and fresh ideas. And this time, via the terrible depiction of the fat, lazy human race, they even manage to throw in a little social commentary.

Never before—or perhaps not since Star Trek: The Next Generation's Data—have I seen a robot so fully embody childlike innocence. All the characters in Wall-E are extremely endearing, and there's a cuteness factor to the story that's off the charts. In addition, the film has loads of funny moments, ranging from crashes and bangs to make kids giggle, to intelligent dialogue that adults will appreciate.

It's a family choice, but this film can easily double as a sweet date flick as well. If lighthearted fare is the call, you can't miss here.

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