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Walk It Out at the Culinary Walkabout

Wednesday, March 7

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Gluttony is bad—hell, it's one of the big seven no-nos, right up there with sloth, envy and wearing Ugg boots and pajama pants to the grocery store ... or at least that last one should be.

But can gluttony ever be good? Well, it can be when it's done in the name of a good cause.

The annual Culinary Walkabout will take over Boise Centre on Wednesday, March 7, in an effort to raise money to support the Elks Rehab Center's Meals on Wheels program. The nonprofit program makes sure that Ada County seniors who ordinarily can't get out of their homes get hot meals, serving roughly 800 meals every weekday.

You can help out by showing up to fill your own belly with creations by 24 of Boise's best chefs. A $75 ticket will get you in the door for a full night of dining, music and a silent auction in which you can bid for even more food to be prepared for you and your friends (if you want to share) by a local chef.

See what we were saying about gluttony? As long as it's being done for a worthy cause, you're good.