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Vudu's 'Disc to Digital' Mobile App Feature



Thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Vudu, DVDs are slowly going the way of cassette tapes and VHS; yet movie buffs still have sprawling collections of discs that they're loath to give up, unable to face paying full price again for digital copies. If that dilemma sounds familiar, the Disc to Digital feature on the updated Vudu mobile app is for you. Just scan the barcode on the case of your DVD, and the user-friendly app will search through over 8,000 stored titles and download it for you instantly. Regular quality video is a steal at only $2 per movie, and there's a $5 high-definition option for replacing something special. Once downloaded, the movie will become a permanent part of your new digital library. On a final note, any loopholes are closed: The app syncs with your phone's GPS to ensure you're only snapping pictures of DVDs you have at home.


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