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VPS Dance Party


You know how much it sucks when you've got a good late-night dance party going, then all of the sudden someone busts out the caterpillar on your living room floor and knocks the record player needle off its groove? Well, the Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho understands your plight. Though dance parties and vinyl go together like cocaine and Marc Bolan, sometimes they need help.

On Friday, March 26, VPS will host an all-vinyl dance party, complete with DJs Pedro and Tony B to make sure the records never skip and the electronica, house, nu-jazz, world lounge, funk, soul and old-school hip-hop jams flow all night long.

If you're not a VPS member, snag a buddy who is and glide on over to the Linen Building starting at 8 p.m. Though the dance party is open to the public, admission is cheaper for VPS members and their crew at $2 a pop. Nonmembers shell out 3 bones.

Friday, March 26, 8 p.m., $2-$3, Linen Building, 1402 W. Grove St., 208-385-0111,