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VPS All Ages Kick-Off


Contrary to the exclamations of their elders, not all kids are technology junkies. With the recent resurgence in popularity of vinyl, many young appreciators have amassed sizable collections of both new and old records. Now, these young lads and ladies have an opportunity, outside the confines of their poster-filled bedrooms, to parade their music snobbery before their peers.

On Wednesday, Oct. 14, from 5-7 p.m., the Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho will kick off VPS All Ages, a new club for vinyl collectors younger than 21. In partnership with the Record Exchange, which will host the meetings, VPS All Ages will provide a less-structured setting than the monthly booze-fueled VPS events at the Modern.

The kick-off event will function as more of a preview, featuring mingling, mini DJ sets, prize giveaways and free coffee and soda. The first opportunity for underagers to spin their own records will come on Wednesday, Nov. 11, when club members will sign up for 30-minute DJ sets.

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 5-7 p.m., FREE, The Record Exchange, 1105 W. Idaho St., 208-344-8010. For info visit or