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Vote Already and Get It Over With


Tuesday, Nov. 2, cannot come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. I hate the anticipation and speculation of the final weeks of election season, particularly in Idaho, where so many races seem like a foregone conclusion. But, in keeping with keeping on, the endorsements rolled in as we put this issue to press. In the governor's race, the Idaho Hispanic Caucus threw its support behind Keith Allred, which is no surprise since according to the caucus, ol' guv C.L. "Butch" Otter's camp didn't even take the time to fill out its questionnaire.

Confirming every far-right suspicion that the Idaho Statesman really does have a strong liberal bias (a claim that never fails to me make me giggle), the daily paper put its support behind Allred and Democratic incumbent in the First Congressional District Walt Minnick. Just to even out the scales a bit as far as the bigger races are concerned the paper also took two republicans: Sen. Mike Crapo and Rep. Mike Simpson.

Boise Weekly, as most of you know, doesn't do endorsements. Of course there is some good, solid journalistic reasons why we don't--among them is that we simply lack the time and resources to put together an editorial board that could take the time to interview each candidate thoroughly--but then there are a few other reasons. Like the fact that I don't particularly care to tell you what to think. If you're looking for endorsements here, you're not going to get them.

This week's main feature hones in on one race: the race for governor. Regular readers know that we haven't been too easy on Otter over the last year. Between flubbing speeches to the under-40 crowd and suing the federal government, he hasn't exactly wowed the liberal media in town (ahem). But has his Democratic opponent? Not exactly. After all, it took Allred until two weeks before the election to finally put some skin in the game with hard stands on popular issues. But who cares what we think? We wanted to know what voters have to say about the candidate who is earning their vote. We sent reporters to all corners of the Gem State, rolled up our sleeves and got busy talking to locals. The result is this week's feature, "The Campaign That Wasn't." After finishing the print version, log on to boiseweekly.com to see the responses each candidate offered to Boise Weekly's series of questions on a variety of topics. Due to press deadlines for the Nov. 3 issue, we won't have election results in next week's edition. Head to Citydesk for updates and results through next week.