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Vokab Kompany

The Reef, Dec. 29


In its review of Vokab Kompany's The Good Kompany Album (New Kong Records, 2016), The Ark of Music describes the seven-man band as the lovechild of Fun and Fort Minor—a head-spinning combination that's as good as any to describe the funk-infused, gene-crossing group. Despite its heavy use of rap (it features two MCs: Robbie Gallo and Matt Burke, known as Rob Hurt and Burkey Baby, respectively) and the inclusion of a saxophone in its repertoire, Vokab Kompany has won both best Hip-Hop album and best Hip-Hop performance at the San Diego Music Awards. Its often-chilled-out tracks also include electronic elements, and the regular addition of guest stars—Christina Soto, Heartbreaka and Keng Doja among them—gives every song a different flavor. Check the group out in Boise when it appears at The Reef on Saturday, Dec. 29, just before the new year.

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