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Viper Acting Snakebit


Q: How do you know when your welcome has worn out in the world of professional baseball?

A: When you miss a team flight, vanish into thin air and then, three days later, the president of the team you pitch for--and who hasn't spoken to you to confirm your safety--tells national news agencies, "We were informed by authorities that ... he should no longer be considered a missing person, that there was evidence that he was back in Idaho. Really it is not our business, other than as a professional franchise to know that he's safe." Then he tells a newspaper that he'll be filling your roster spot shortly.

The pitcher here is Beau Dannemiller, 28, of Rigby. The team the Calgary Vipers, a minor-league team in the iconoclastic Independent Northern League, and the executive is Peter Young. Dannemiller went to the airport with his teammates on July 31 and then, as they say in the bigs, he stole home--except, not that definition of "stole," and not that type of "home," and the Independent Northern League is by no interpretation "the bigs."