Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho Celebrates Sixth Anniversary


For thousands of years, music brought people together. Now, with the proliferation of ear bud-wearing iPod zombies, it's settling them snugly into their own little worlds, making them oblivious to, say, heavy machinery or oncoming traffic.

Not so with the Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho. For six years, it has offered a safe alternative to private, portable music consumption: the vinyl record, which preserves music's intrinsic warmth and properties as a social lubricant.

Friday, Oct. 25, at 8 p.m., VPS celebrates its sixth birthday with a party at The Linen Building complete with DJs Miss Kimberly, Pedro Rolas and Tony B, as well as "flashbacks"--visual projections of video collages purported to be pretty trippy. There will also be a full bar. If you're feeling bold, try out your Halloween costume for the judged costume contest and dance the night away.