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Heathers (1988)


Two years before Edward Scissorhands, Pump Up the Volume or Beverly Hills, 90210 were released, and an astounding 11 years prior to the unspeakable horror at Columbine High School, a trio of young stars (Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannen Doherty) was unknowingly predicting the future in a dark comedy that would later gain cult status.

Formerly unpopular teen Veronica (Ryder) now runs with a trio of her school's A-list group called The Heathers (because they're all named Heather, get it?), but once Veronica begins dating the quiet new kid (Slater), all of the school's worst social offenders begin to die off—and she's forced to choose between the pleasure of seeing her enemies dying off or taking the moral high road.

The laughs are a little light— officially lists Heathers' genres as comedy, crime, drama, horror and romance—but this title shines a bit of prophetic light on a future shocking phenomenon in American public schools, even if that light is filtered through a 1980s lens.