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Vidiot: 3SR

Aladdin (1992)


Kudos that after 55 years of producing full-length animated features, Disney finally selected a story in which characters of color were its cartoon leads—even though Aladdin and Jasmine were voiced by Caucasians Scott Weinger (Full House) and Linda Larkin (The Next Best Thing) respectively.

It seems the world will never know the oceanic depths of homeless petty thief Aladdin's soul until fate steps in and connects him with a maniacally wisecracking, lamp-locked genie (comedian Robin Williams) whose mission becomes transforming the street rat into a stately noble worthy of lofty Princess Jasmine's affection—but nefarious Royal Vizier Jafar has other plans involving offing our hero and ascending the sultan's thrown.

Maybe it was my age at the time (I was 12) or the totally catchy soundtrack, but the awesome character acting, animation and script adapted from the Middle Eastern folk story thoroughly entertained me in its release year and continues to hit the spot as I approach 30.