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Vidiot: 3SR

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)


Diane Lane is the quintessential 40-something (38 when this film was released) unlucky-in-love heroine; whether it’s through infidelity (Unfaithful), death (The Perfect Storm) or divorce (Must Love Dogs), Lane’s knack for packaging devastated innocence with romantic determination is unmatched (and I mean it, you ridiculous Meg Ryan lovers).

A recently dumped writer (Lane) touring Tuscany in hopes of rediscovering herself, purchases a crumbling villa—a haphazard decision that leads to romantic opportunity, connections with friends—like gay Grey’s Anatomy doctors and Polish immigrants, and a rejuvenated outlook on life.

This film registers a whopping 95 percent on the chickflick-o-meter, meaning you’d better be a woman, have a woman around or be completely in touch with your X chromosome if you want any chance of finding enjoyment in this lighthearted but uplifting story of redeeming the spirit after tragedy.