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Vidiot: 3SR

The Good Son


If the 1990s taught us anything, it’s under no circumstances should you ever leave Macaulay Culkin alone without parental supervision lest he cause so much trouble that you hope he's not around when you get back.

Just a year after completing Home Alone 2, Culkin became yet another juvenile delinquent—this time in more the pre-serial killer vein, wreaking havoc on the neighborhood and threatening to kill his visiting cousin (Elijah Wood, the Lord of the Rings trilogy), all while conniving his parents into believing him a perfect angel.

For those only familiar with Culkin’s turns in John Hughes’ comedies, this film is a must-watch because it’s a halfway decent thriller with a nearly satisfying ending (fully satisfying if they had left off the closing narrative), and if you think Culkin was perfect when mired in mischief, seeing him migrate to murder will blow your ever loving mind.