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Video: White House Beer Receipes Revealed

Ingredients for White House Honey Ale, Honey Porter beers for public consumption


After more than 12,000 people signed an online petition, the White House has finally revealed a state secret: the recipes for its Honey Brown Ale and Honey Porter beers.

President Barack Obama last year purchased a home brewing kit for the White House kitchen.

He’s been bragging about the results since, and it led many to ask for the recipe.

Well, White House assistant chef Sam Kass finally relented.

“With public excitement about White House beer fermenting such a buzz, we decided we better hop right to it,” Kass wrote in his blog.

The ale contains crushed malt and malt extract, honey, hops, gypsum, yeast and corn sugar.

The porter has five malts, honey, two types of hops, yeast and corn sugar.

The White House revealed the recipes as Obama campaigned in Iowa, The Associated Press said.

Honey from both beers comes from hives on the White House lawn.

According to Kass, Obama is the first president to produce alcohol at the White House.

He says George Washington is known for producing beer and whiskey, and Thomas Jefferson made wine, but both were done away from Washington.

“After the few first drafts, we landed on some great recipes that came from a local brew shop,” Kass said. “We received some tips from a couple of home brewers who work in the White House who helped us amend it and make it our own. To be honest, we were surprised that the beer turned out so well since none of us had brewed beer before.”

The White House also produces a Honey Blonde, although the recipe for that brew is confidential.

For now, find the recipes here.