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Video: Watch This Catholic Nun Rock Alicia Keys' 'No One' On Italy's 'The Voice'

Pope Francis isn't the only one changing the face of Catholicism these days.


By the grace of God go this nun.

This is so great. A Catholic nun in full habit sang Alicia Keys' "No One" on Italy's version of "The Voice" this week.

She didn't just sing it. She rocked it:

The video is so great, largely because the nun, 25-year-old Sicilian Cristina Scuccia, has kickin' pipes, but also because the audition is blind, and you get to see the judges' faces when they turn around to take in the fact that the woman singing is indeed Sister Scuccia.

You also get to see the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family bob up and down with excitement as their fellow sister wins accolades from the judges and audience alike.

Needless to say, Scuccia made it onto the show, according to the Washington Post. We'll see what happens next.

Scuccia says it would be nice to win, but she's really in it for the love of song. No wait, actually she's there to spread the word of God.

"I came here because I have a gift, and I want to share that gift. I am here to evangelize," she told the judges.

Pope Francis isn't the only one changing the face of Catholicism.

"The Voice" originated in The Netherlands, and like so many of these talent-based reality TV shows it has spinoffs in more than a dozen countries.

Not only does the global mish-mash of these shows make for stellar entertainment, but it also provides a fascinating barometer of the cultural tide.

Let's not forget the 23-year-old from Cambridge, Mass., who made it to the finals on "Arabs Got Talent" singing classical Arabic music.

It's a big world. Things are getting mixed up. Sometimes in awesome ways.