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Video: Watch Dennis Rodman Channel Marilyn Monroe

Another day, another electrifying performance.


You probably thought Dennis Rodman couldn't top Tuesday's performance, when he ranted gruffly and semi-comprehensibly about North Korea, his friend Kim Jong Un, opening doors with basketball diplomacy, and the detention in North Korea of American Kenneth Bae.

And then we get this video, in which Dennis Rodman sings "Happy Birthday" to the boy leader from center court while wearing sunglasses and a blue jersey with the number 91, his number with the Chicago Bulls.

His singing performance is followed by a mediocre basketball performance between a team of undersized North Korean hoopsters and a team of former NBA players who could have played better but probably wanted to avoid detention and summary execution.

The highlights:

- Dennis Rodman's husky singing voice

- Dennis Rodman physically bowing (halfies) to a foreign dictator

- Dennis Rodman moved to tears (seems like it) by his love for a foreign dictator

- Sunglasses indoors

- Gesticulating in homage

- Former NBA players clapping for a foreign dictator and looking really uncomfortable and maybe a little scared

- Comparatively tiny North Korean basketball players

- A terrible offensive set (:54)

- James Harden-like perimeter defense (1:05)

- An audience of people wearing the same suit

- Authoritarian applause

- Post-game Rodman wearing two scarves at the same time

- Former New York Knick Charles Smith looking very regretful and wondering "whether we did the right thing"