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Video: Springsteen Debuts Obama Song

The Boss debuts 'Forward' and former President Bill Clinton speaks at Obama campaign rally in Ohio.


Wow, President Barack Obama really missed the boat on this one.

POTUS asked Bruce Springsteen to write him a campaign song, which The Boss debuted Thursday night at an event with Bill Clinton near Cleveland, Ohio.

Why not just choose, “Born in the USA?” Seems like that song, more than any other, would really help the president answer those “birthers.”

Because what he did come up with–“Forward”–hardly rhymed.

“I kissed your sister and I kissed your mama,” Springsteen sang while strumming.

“Forward!” the crowd of 3,000 shouted on Springsteen’s prompting.

“Let’s vote for the man who got Osama.”

OK, joking aside, a jovial Springsteen admitted he had some trouble working Obama’s campaign slogan into a song.

“It’s better than backward, a little better than sideward,” Springsteen, 63, said. “You don’t want sideward on no bumper stickers.”

Thankfully, “Forward” was not Springsteen’s only song.

He also played “The Promised Land,” “No Surrender,” “This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie, “Youngstown” and “We Take Care of Our Own.”

Springsteen also got political, as he did during campaign appearances for John Kerry (2004) and Obama four years ago on the same stage at Cuyahoga Community College.

“I remember President Obama’s election night. It was an evening when you could feel the locked doors of the past finally being blown open,” Springsteen said, according to Reuters.

“Then comes the hard daily struggle to make those possibilities real in a world that is brutally resistant to change.”

Clinton opened, and he didn’t miss the chance to capitalize on Springsteen’s most memorable hit.

“This is the first time in my life I ever got to be the warm-up act for Bruce Springsteen,” Clinton said.

“I am qualified because I was born in the USA, and unlike one of the candidates for president, I keep all my money here!”

He also suggested that while the economy is still broken, Obama’s plan is the preferred choice.

That’s when the Republicans pounced, sending an email response almost immediately.

“Clinton acknowledged the economy has not been fixed, and he’s right. That is a relevant point as to why we need to change direction,” a GOP statement said, according to the Wall Street Journal.