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Video: Spielberg Debuts Obama Movie Spoof, 'Starring' Daniel Day-Lewis, Tracy Morgan

President Obama was all jokes at the White House Correspondents' dinner


President Obama was in fine form at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner Saturday night, enlisting Steven Spielberg and other big Hollywood names to "premiere" a spoof documentary about him.

The "Obama" mocumentary clip featured Obama pretending to be Daniel Day-Lewis (who is method-acting as Obama, so the joke goes.) Joe Biden's role was played by Tracy Morgan.

"I mean, the guy's already a lame duck, so why wait?" Spielberg said of the president in the joke preview.

"Was it hard playing Obama?" the President asks in the short clip. "Well, his accent took a while."

The president didn't stop at himself, however: during his speech, he also managed to poke fun at Jimmy Fallon, Jay-Z, NBC, the History Channel, Michael Douglas, Taylor Swift, Oprah, Groucho Marx, Aaron Sorkin, and Conan O'Brien, the evening's host.

The dinner, attended by around 3,000 guests dining at the Washington Hilton, was originally conceived as a way for journalists to meet with government officials, but has recently become a full-on celebrity party — a "nerd prom" as some call it.