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Video: Spanish Village Wins Giant 'El Gordo' Christmas Lottery

Tiny town of Grañén has won 'El Gordo,' one of the largest jackpots in the world.


Every year, Spain holds a Christmas lottery with one of the biggest jackpots in the world.

Although the lottery, known as "El Gordo" or "The Fat One," doled out a total of $3.29 billion across the country this year, its largest chunk went to the small town of Grañén, Fox News Latino reported.

The winning number was 58268, which appeared on 1,800 tickets.

Because matching lotto numbers are usually sold by the same vendors, all 1,800 winning tickets were sold to the residents of Grañén, who won $940 million in total earnings.

That cashes out to more than $520,000 per ticket holder.

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A bricklayer named Oscar told The Guardian that he can now "stop worrying so much about getting the sack," due to his winnings.

Another lotto winner, Susana Pérez, said that the money would make up "for a very bad year in which we have worked hard for very little reward."

According to Al Jazeera, Spain is experiencing its worst economic crisis in decades, and has an unemployment rate of 23 percent.

The Guardian reported that Grañén is a farming community where many residents are jobless as well.

It is located in the northern province of Huesca, and "sits on the edge of one of Spain's harshest and most dramatic landscapes, the desert-like region of Los Monegros."