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Video: Restaurant Forced to Close Over Smelling Too Bacon-y

The San Francisco restaurant Bacon Bacon had to close down after neighbors complained about the bacon smell


Who complains about the smell of bacon? People in San Francisco, apparently.

The owner of Bacon Bacon, an eatery that specialized in all things porcine, was forced to shut down this week over complaints by neighbors that it smelled too, well, bacon-y.

Neighbors insisted the offensive smell came from grease being illegally disposed of in nearby sewers. They claimed they offered to buy owner Jim Angelus a new air filter to help remedy the issue but were shut down, the International Business Times reported.

However, the complaints did lead to the discovery that the restaurant also lacked proper health permits.

Bacon Bacon may be able to secure those permits, but a hearing can't be held until July. So, until then, the restaurant must close.

Angelus dismissed reports of illegal activity on the restaurant's Facebook page and said he "couldn't be more proud" of the bacon-y crew he works with.

He plans to keep operating the restaurant's food truck.

Supporters have amassed more than 2,000 signatures to save the eatery on a "Save Bacon Bacon" website.

"Complaining about the smell of bacon is like complaining that it's a nice day out," Facebook user Daniel W. Giles wrote on the restaurant's Facebook page.

The cafe was featured on the Discovery series, “United States of Bacon,” which classified the establishment as a “portable pork paradise” and “a four wheel shrine to swine.”