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Video: Idaho School Wants Cheerleaders to Cover Up


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A few days after a northern Idaho high school told students that bare shoulders or spaghetti straps would not be permitted at a homecoming dance, another northern Idaho school is nixing its cheerleaders from wearing their uniforms to school. 

KREM-TV reports officials at Post Falls High School said cheerleaders must now wear leggings or warm-ups under their skirts during classroom hours. Meanwhile, a number of cheerleaders argue they're being singled out.

"It's like asking the football players to wear a skirt underneath their jerseys," one cheerleader told KREM-TV. "It's kind of ridiculous."

It's tradition at Post Falls High School and schools throughout the nation for many athletes—players and cheerleaders alike—to wear uniforms in school to encourage student participation.

In years past, the northern Idaho cheerleaders said there wasn't a problem, but PFHS officials insist they're enforcing a new dress code policy and want the cheerleaders to cover up.