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Video: David Beckham Goes Out With a Win, A Few Tears

David Beckham bid farewell to a 22-year career with tears in his eyes, walking of the field for the last time to a resounding ovation


With his father in the stands and a 22-year career now behind him, David Beckham walked off the field, likely for the last time, in his final home match.

"It's a historic moment," the announcer said when the Paris St-Germain (PSG) midfielder was substituted after the 81st minute.

"I want to say thank you to everybody in Paris. To my teammates, to the staff, to the fans," Beckham said. "It's been very special to finish my career here. It could not have been any more special."

On Thursday, Beckham announced he would retire at the end of this year's season. "I just feel that it's the right time. I feel that I've achieved everything that I could in my career. I wanted to go out as a champion," he said.

Beckham's PSG coach Carlo Ancelotti said the 38-year-old midfielder was unlikely to play in the season's last game, away at Lorient on May 26.

"We have to decide, but I don't think he will play. He will come with the team but I don't think he will play ... a plastic pitch is difficult for a 38-year-old," Ancelotti said, who then went on to praise Beckham's impact on the game.

"He will miss the world of football because he showed a good image every time, really professional. It was a fantastic evening for him. He will have a very good memory of this night," Ancelotti said. "When you finish, when you stop, you have memories of all the years."

Beckham, a recent addition to PSG, winner of this season's French league championship, was made team captain for the night.

"The manager called me in and said 'we've spoken to the players, it's the players' idea - we want to make you captain,'" Beckham said. "It's really special for an Englishman to be captain of PSG - especially on a night that meant so much to the club and the players."

At the end of the night, after all the celebrations, Beckham, with an English flag on this back, gave a few departing words to the crowd.

"Merci, Paris," he said. "I'm very sad to be leaving, but thank you."