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Victory Records: Warped Tour Sampler 06

CD Review


The Victory Records Warped Tour Sampler disc is introduced by a Silverstein track titled “Smile In Your Sleep.” A little punk-love song about punk love gone bad. The guitar starts off dreamy and evolves into an angry set of riffs alongside Shane Told’s bitter lyrics. The Sampler disc listed two Silverstein songs but only contained one. The song is good, but not fantastic. The second Victory artist on the sampler is Alden. They throw down a song titled “Die Romantic.” A very familiar story line of a love gone bad, then someone gets mad. The mix is pretty good but the lyrics are too predictable and at the end of the song I did not reach for the replay button after the song. And while this song isn’t spectacular, Alden did win a “Best Newcomer” trophy at the Metal Hammer Magazine awards. I would look forward to more unique sounds from them in the future. June is the fourth artist on the CD and is really a breath of fresh air. Acoustic, layered guitar gives the song a lot of depth and combines nicely with the drum’s distant reverb during the hook. It’s a nice sounding tune titled “My Side of the Story” and I think it’s the best track on the disc. It’s definitely slower and softer than its company, making it one of the two stand-alone tracks on this album. I am looking forward to hearing more from June in the future. The Junior Varsity provided another unique sounding song called “Get Comfortable.” It’s got a traveling guitar sound that changes from intense to relaxed on a whim. “Get Comfortable” is a damn good song, especially from a bunch of jocks. The other songs on this sampler are all good. None of them really stood out more than others and in the end, the remaining songs almost sounded the same. The pop/punk sound is what it’s about. In any case, these bands are best experienced live on stage.