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Vet Traffic in Craig's Office


Sen. Larry Craig will be coming to Meridian next week, for a town hall-style meeting, and the attendance by war veterans could be heady. According to

The Hill


The Washington Post

, Craig's staff had a less-than-cordial exchange with an anti-war vets group that called upon the Senator's office last week. Members of visited with Craig's staff as part of a series of visits on Capitol Hill to express their opposition to President Bush's plan for new troops in Iraq. Although they were dismissed by Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, as not representative of the military, it was only with Craig's chief of staff, Mike Ware, that the shouting started, the newspapers reported. The


said things got "testy," with Ware, and that the veterans "stormed out" of their meeting.

That meeting came just a day before a very different event in Craig's office: William Cahill, a top aide to Craig, was honored Wednesday by the Military Order of the Purple Heart, a national veterans organization with over 36,000 members. Cahill was selected as the top legislative assistant on Capitol Hill, according to Craig's office. Tom Poulter, national commander of the Purple Heart organization, said Cahill had been chosen for his exemplary service while serving as the chief counsel and health care policy adviser to the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs.

"Mr. Cahill has worked tirelessly on behalf of veterans. His commitment to veterans is second to none," Poulter said.