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Vegy Vida



When we think about what to take to a potluck, a veggie platter often comes to mind. The store-bought versions are usually laden with produce, which means the too-small cup of ranch dressing/dip nestled in the center is gone before the veggies are—if the dip isn't too bland to even bother with. Next time it's your turn to bring veggies, pick up a bottle or two of Vegy Vida Kids' Dip 'n More. It's a new product designed to get youngsters to eat their greens (and oranges, and yellows, and purples), but is a rock 'n roll for adults, too. Made with greek yogurt and a cucumber extract, Vegy Vida "softens veggie flavor, so kids learn to acquire a taste for them." That's all well and good, but Vegy Vida is sans sugar, nuts, gluten and preservatives, and it's delicious. It comes in five flavors—Cheesy Cheddar, Cool Buffalo, Creamy Ranch, Savory Bacon and Zesty Southwest—"kids adults love."

Vegy Vida is meant to help kids to eat healthier, but if there are any anti-veg adults in your house, you might think about keeping a few bottles in stock for them, too.


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